Don't Leave Your Roof With Missing Shingles

Schedule shingle roof repair services in Orange & Stafford, TX

Your roof protects your interior from the outside elements. If your roof has cracked, torn or missing shingles, you could find yourself facing costly repairs to both the interior and exterior of your home.

Don't hesitate to reach out to Wortham Roofing for help. We offer shingle roof repair and replacement services in the Orange & Stafford, TX areas. Our skilled team can restore your roof to working condition in no time. We also install roofs for new construction projects so you can give your new house a reliable roof.

Arrange for shingle roof repair or replacement services by contacting us at 832-987-1489.

Upgrade your house with a metal roof

Upgrade your house with a metal roof

If you want a roof that will last a lifetime, consider a metal roof replacement. Wortham Roofing can tear off your current roof and install a new roof that will give your home extra protection. A metal roof will improve your home by...

  • Reflecting the sun's rays, helping cool your home and reduce your energy bill
  • Lasting up to 50 years or longer, with minimal maintenance required
  • Being completely recyclable at the end of its life, helping you decrease your impact on the environment
Learn more about a metal roof replacement when you call us today. We'll gladly answer your questions.